Klingberg’s WWII Veterans

During World War II, mothers with sons serving in the military would hang a flag with blue stars to represent each family member in active duty. A gold star signified one who had givenEntry Mothers Flag website his life in service to his country. Klingberg had one of these flags to honor those who entered the military from the Children’s Home. News of their experiences was recounted in each issue of the Hilltop News, as their Klingberg family awaited their safe return. The following appeared in the January, 1944, edition of the Hilltop News:

From the embattled isles of the Pacific to frigid Iceland and “sunny” Italy, young men who once ranged the forty acres about the Home as boys, are stationed as soldiers, sailors, and marines. It’s a far cry from the familiar “playground,” “the pasture,” “Holmquist’s,” and “the barn,” to the wide-flung battle-fields of the war.

Future issues of the News recounted letters “From Our Boys.” One young man wrote, “Have received a few copies of the Hilltop News and really enjoy reading it…. The last one had a picture of the rock pile that’s down at the end of the pasture. It would certainly feel good to be back there just now.” As his name is not among those lost in the war, it is likely that he did come back to visit.

By the end of the war, Klingberg’s service flag, or “mother’s flag,” had 72 blue stars and 5 gold. Many other alumni have served since; we are honored to have so many brave individuals as part of our history. Thank you all!