Children’s Home Alumni

Welcome “Home-Kids”

John E Klingberg & children

Between 1903 and 1970, more than 2,000 children lived at the “Klingberg Children’s Home,” as it was then called. Klingberg Family Centers continues to welcome calls or visits from former residents. Many alumni still refer to themselves as “Home-kids,” and appreciate opportunities to reminisce memories – both sweet and sad – with others who shared similar experiences. A number of childhood friends have been reunited through their contacts with Klingberg Family Centers. Over the past ten years, Klingberg Family Centers has hosted several alumni reunions for just that purpose. People enjoy showing their children and grandchildren a piece of their past and often spend hours looking through old photographs and memorabilia.

If you, a family member or friend lived at the Klingberg Children’s Home and would like to stop by for a visit or are interested in upcoming reunions, please write or call:

Mark Johnson
370 Linwood St.
New Britain, CT 06052
Call (860) 832-5526