Quality Parenting Center (QPC)

Our Quality Parenting Center (QPC) provides opportunities for parents to have supervised family time with their children, learn and practice new parenting skills, repair family relationships, and improve the quality of the parent-child interaction. Length of service is up to six months.

The QPC is best suited for families:

  • With children 12 or younger (or older if part of a sibling group) who have recently been removed from the home
  • Who have a parent willing to learn new skills
  • Who have foster parents willing to engage in the process

The QPC provides:

  • A safe, family-friendly environment for visits
  • Visit Coaches to support family engagement, including pre- and post-visit feedback using the Visit Coach Model
  • Transportation or bus passes for parents if needed
  • Collaboration with DCF
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse staff
  • Hours of operation M-F 12-8pm; weekend and holiday hours are also available

Email referral to QPCReferrals@klingberg.org.

For additional information, call Program Coordinator Denise Noble at 860-515-2315.