Wayne Carini & Klingberg

o_c536fbc90cd6ac08_006You may have noticed Wayne Carini’s name appearing frequently in Klingberg News. For example, he and his dad (and now his daughter) have been the Grand Marshals of the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival since 2011, and he co-hosted The Big E’s Collector Car Experience earlier this month, which we also participated in. “Who is this guy?” you might be asking. “And how does he relate to Klingberg?”

If you are a car enthusiast, you likely know the answer to the first question. Wayne Carini is the owner of F-40 Motorsports in Portland, CT, and is best known for starring in Velocity channel’s Chasing Classic Cars, the television show that follows him around as he tracks down and restores unique vintage automobiles. Wayne has helped celebrities like David Letterman and Ivan Lendl find the cars of their dreams and has even traveled to Kuwait for the show. Chasing Classic Cars is the most-watched car-related program in the United States, Russia, and Japan!

o_c536fbc90cd6ac08_009Besides being a television star, Wayne is also a dedicated husband and the proud father of two daughters, Lindsay and Kimberly. Kimberly’s challenges with autism from an early age have inspired the Carini family to be a voice for ongoing research through such organizations as Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization. Wayne’s understanding of the difficulties children and their families often face contributes to his appreciation for the work that Klingberg does, and he and his family have become dear friends to us over the last few years.

The whole Carini family regularly joins us for the Vintage Motorcar Festival, and more recently we have collaborated with Wayne on additional events, including the Collector Car Experience. He will be signing autographs at our booth at the CT Fall Home Show on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 1:00 – 4:00 PM, and will also make an appearance at the CT International Auto Show in November, where we have a presence each year with a special selection of antique cars.

o_c536fbc90cd6ac08_008We are so thankful for Wayne’s friendship to Klingberg. Of course his fame helps us with publicity, and we are grateful for the access he gives us to some particularly unique and beautiful vehicles, but even more valuable is his genuine concern for others. Wayne’s kindness and humility are evident to all who meet him; we are glad to have such a gentleman advocating for the children and families we serve.