“TSI” in the Yukon Territories

Yukon govt logoIn 2010 the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) of Klingberg began its relationship with the child welfare system in Yukon Territories, Canada administered by the Yukon Government.  Yes, that’s the Yukon, way up near the Artic circle…not UCONN.

TSI assisted the entire Residential Youth Treatment Services division implement and cement trauma-informed culture change via Risking Connection (RC) and Restorative Approach (RA) training. A study of the intervention, in collaboration with Tulane University, found significant changes in staff attitudes, behavior, and professional quality of life as result of RC and RA training. The study is being submitted for publication to a special edition of the prestigious journal Child Maltreatment dedicated to trauma-informed care.

The original intervention was so successful that the Yukon Government sought out TSI to do a similar whole-system change effort – a second wave — with the all the other divisions of child welfare system  serving at-risk children.  These include child protection, juvenile justice, and foster care and adoption. In April TSI signed a large contract with Family and Children Services for work over 12 to 18 months that will begin in May 2015.  Pat Wilcox will travel to Whitehorse, Yukon Territories  for a 5-day trip to begin this second wave. Pat and Steve Brown will return to the Yukon in September 2015 to deliver the RC Train-the-Trainer.

At the end of this second wave, TSI’s consultation and training services will have impacted the entire child welfare system of the Yukon Territories. Over 250 staff will be trained in Risking Connection and the Restorative Approach and Yukon Territories will have 15 of their own credentialed Risking Connection and Restorative Approach trainers to sustain the initiative.