Statement on Racism & Social Injustice

To build healing relationships that empower children and families to reach their full potential.

There is no way to think about the Klingberg Family Centers’ mission without considering the context of what is happening around us today. On May 25th the systemic and racial injustices faced by our country were brought to the forefront once again with the killing of George Floyd. We as an organization understand that this senseless and violent act impacts the children and families we serve, our staff, and our extended community.

True healing is not possible for people of color, as long as they fear for their safety and lives on a daily basis. Racism and social injustice are imbedded in our history as a nation and remain alive today within our social institutions robbing people of their potential.

I have heard story after story from my Black friends, employees, and colleagues of parents having “the talk” with their children about the need to protect themselves from racism and from the potentially fatal prospect of encounters with law enforcement. We look to the day when that discussion is no longer considered necessary for survival. We as an organization join with others in our commitment to end these abuses of power.

We must fight against racial and social injustice and bias within ourselves, in our relationships, in our policies and our practices. At Klingberg, we are committed to that fight.

Steven A. Girelli, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Klingberg Family Centers