Spiritual Life


  • Klingberg Family Centers was founded out of personal faith in God and from the conviction that service to those in need is a natural expression of Christian faith. Our founder, the Rev. John Eric Klingberg, believed and Klingberg Family Centers has maintained this basic principle: that the organization should be interdenominational, with no official ties to any particular denomination, and that the faith of all people should be regarded as precious and as fundamental to their health and well-being.
  • This guiding principle has made Klingberg Family Centers unique among human service organizations. We maintain positive relationships and have worked actively with congregations and clergy of many denominations always with the goal of helping children and families in trouble.
  • Klingberg Family Centers welcomes persons of any faith or of none, and respects the personal religious choices of all clients. Our concern for each client’s personal spiritual development is addressed along with the psychological, emotional, social and physical needs.
  • We make every effort to protect and endeavor to give each child the opportunities to participate and take the next steps in their family’s chosen faith.

Over the years, the majority of our client’s religious backgrounds have continued to be from faiths that have their origins within the Judaeo-Christian traditions. This, along with the Christian history of the agency, dictates that the basic thoughts and principles of faith and life that we convey are found within these traditions. These foundational beliefs include:

  • the love of God and our dependence upon Him
  • God’s creation of us as unique individuals whom He values and cares for
  • the love and acceptance that we should have for one another
  • the responsibility each one of us has for our own future
  • God offers us a new start so we needn’t be prisoners of our past

For more detailed information about the agency’s Christian heritage or Spiritual Life Program, please contact Mark H. Johnson, M.A., Vice President, at (860) 832-5526 or by e-mail at markj@klingberg.org