Run 4 Fun Club

Run 4 Fun 2The Run 4 Fun club is an initiative begun in the Raymond Hill School to improve the elementary school students’ transition from the bus to the school day. Kids were entering school with extra energy and having difficulty starting the day smoothly. After observing the chaotic mornings, Stacy Cerbone (RHS Occupational Therapist) and Jerry Carter (RHS Physical Education Teacher Assistant) presented the idea of having the elementary students run in the morning before entering the building. With the assistance of OT Interns Amanda Devoe and Yasmin Lynch, they began the Run 4 Fun club.

The Run 4 Fun club gives students the opportunity to self-regulate and release excess energy prior to entering the classroom and teaches teamwork, perseverance, and commitment. The students transition from off the bus to the back of the school for a morning run, suitable for all ages and abilities. To promote unity and a sense of belonging, the students have earned Run 4 Fun club sweatshirts and winter hats. They will tell you that when they are wearing them they are expected to be respectful and follow directions as they are representing the club.

Since the beginning of the club a month ago, there has been a noticeable decrease in out-of-bounds behavior within an hour of students entering the school. The club continues to grow, and there are plans to continue into the winter with other activities that can be done indoors, such as dribbling, jumping rope, and running in place. A mentoring component may also be incorporated, with older students helping the younger ones and working with them on agility and gross motor skills.