Remembering Christine Keys

It is with tremendous sadness that we share with you that Christine Keys, Senior Director of Community Services, passed away on August 10th following her battle with cancer. Christine came to Klingberg Family Centers in the spring of 2011 as the Director of Child Placement. More recently in 2018 she was promoted to Senior Director of Community Services and oversaw our Specialized Foster Care & Adoption Program, Permanency Placement Services Program, Intensive Family Preservation Program, Mentoring Programs, and group homes. Her oversight of these program areas was marked by notable growth in their number, size, and quality. During her time at Klingberg Family Centers, Christine was also very active with Love146, an organization dedicated to stopping minor sex trafficking, a cause that was very dear to Christine, and for which she was known nationally. 

Steven Girelli, President/CEO, says, “Christine was a powerful and compelling force for children and families. She was smart, she was outspoken, she was committed, and she had unwavering integrity. Her passing leaves us and many others with a tremendous void that cannot be filled, not in the way that she filled it.”

Our thoughts go out to her family, colleagues, and clients, who were an important part of her life.