Traumatic Stress Institute

Traumatic Stress Institute

The goal of the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) is to improve the quality of trauma informed treatment for children, both internally and externally to Klingberg Family Centers. To this end, TSI provides training and consultation both to internal departments and to other agencies. TSI is responsible for implementing improvements at all levels of Klingbergs programming to improve the quality of care, and monitoring the success of these changes. In addition, Klingberg Family Centers TSI consults to other agencies on such topics as implementing trauma informed care, treatment planning for individual children, treating children with sexual behavior problems, and health sexuality education for high risk youth.

Klingberg Family Centers has created the Restorative Approach™. Klingberg’s TSI offers training on the Restorative Approach™ in several formats. The Restorative Approach helps create a more healing environment, and a more meaningful experience for children and treatment providers. Based on John Bowlbys attachment theory and the work of other attachment theorists including Daniel Hughes, training incorporates an understanding of trauma and its effects and teaches a specific method for implementing attachment based, trauma informed care in treatment settings. This method uses the relationship as the primary vehicle for change, and focuses on the effect of behavior on other people. When harm is done, restorative tasks help repair the relationship. The method is an alternative to traditional points and levels systems. Its implementation can reduce restraints and seclusions and improve staff job satisfaction.

The Restorative Approach™ training covers the benefits of this approach and its theoretical underpinnings. We include a close-up look at a relationship-based program, the essential parts of the approach, materials to support the method, the transition process, and the results you can expect.

We also offer consultation for agencies implementing the approaches, and evaluation of treatment programs for fidelity to trauma-informed treatment principles.

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