Parenting Support Services

Parenting Support Services

We offer:

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Triple P utilizes the evidence–based service Triple P – Level 4 to provide an in-home parent-education curriculum along with guidance and support, so that parents will become resourceful and will be able to create a positive and safe home learning environment for children to develop emotional, behavioral, and cognitive strengths. In addition to Triple P, this service provides short-term case management supports to help parents fully utilize the parenting services.

Circle of Security (COS-P)

COS-Parenting curriculum works with parents/primary caretakers to increase security attachment of the child to the parent, the parent’s ability to read a child’s cues, and empathy in the parent for the child. It also works to decrease negative attributions of the parent regarding the child’s motivation and teach parents skills to self-reflect, pause, and choose security-promoting, caregiving behaviors.  COS-P also helps to increase parents’ capacity to regulate stressful emotional states. COS-P teaches parents to recognize ruptures in the relationship, facilitate repairs, and helps to increases parents’ capacity to provide comfort when their child is in distress.

This is a 10-12 week intervention.

These programs provide opportunities for parents to develop advanced assessment and intervention skills and enhancement strategies that promote parental autonomy.

 The people we serve:

Triple P and COS-P serve parents or caretakers who desire to improve their parenting skills and strengthen their parent/child attachment.

Referrals come from the Department of Children and Families, Community Partner Agencies (CPA), other community agencies, and individuals.

The program covers families in both the Hartford and New Britain DCF area.

 For more information, contact:

Dee Chalwell, Positive Parenting Supervisor
(860) 515-2362  

Sonia Colón-Mora, LMSW, Director
(860) 515-2367