Parent Education Graduation

KFC GraduationOn Wednesday, April 8th, Klingberg’s Parent Education/Support Group held their spring graduation ceremony. The Parent Education/Support Group is an eleven-week, comprehensive psycho-education group for parents who, due to poor choices or life circumstances, have not been able to take proper care of their children. The parents’ graduation celebrates the return of the children to their care and offers a glimpse of the hope and healing that Klingberg seeks to extend to families.

Dr. Anthony Hill, assistant professor at the Springfield College School of Social Work, spoke to encourage the graduates before they received their certificates. The title of his talk was “Keep On Keeping On Making a Difference,” and he highlighted the importance of the parents’ sacrifice for the betterment of their children’s lives, drawing from his own experience of being raised by his grandmother and the difference she made in his life.

One might compare an eleven-week support group to a two- or four-year college and wonder at having a full graduation ceremony, but to come to such a conclusion would be to ignore the stakes involved. Each graduating parent has demonstrated his or her dedication to turning things around—one mom had perfect attendance despite being quite sick one week! In addition, a few of the children were present at the ceremony, and their parents’ affection for them was evident. It was exciting to witness a sign of the positive changes these parents are working so hard to bring about!