Klingberg Joins CT River Valley Chamber

Klingberg Family Centers is pleased to announce their recent membership in the CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber serves over 500 businesses in Glastonbury, East Hartford, Marlborough, and the surrounding region. Membership in the Chamber will enable Klingberg to get to know businesses and to explore possible partnerships and volunteer help.

Mary Ellen Dombrowski, President of the CT River Chamber of Commerce, says, “We look forward to Klingberg becoming a more familiar name east of the river.” Chamber ambassador Kris Kniss, Act Group, presented the membership plaque while visiting the Klingberg History Museum on the Klingberg Family Centers New Britain campus.

The museum chronicles founder Rev. John Klingberg’s life and the three generations of Klingbergs who ran the orphanage beginning in 1903. It shows Klingberg’s life beginning in Sweden in 1867, and shows the first three boys taken in by Klingberg in New Britain in 1903. The museum includes hundreds of archival photographs, as well as items such as the grandfather clock that stood in the entryway of the orphanage and a buffet built to help with sorting laundry.