Raymond Hill School students prepare for the balloon toss with staff and volunteers from Voya Financial.

Raymond Hill School students prepare for the balloon toss with RHS staff and volunteers from Voya Financial.

In early June, it is a tradition for the students at the Raymond Hill School of Klingberg Family Centers to take a break from the classroom to enjoy Field Day.  Thanks to much hard work and preparation on the part of Phys Ed Instructor Desiree Johndrow, and Teacher Assistant Bill Halkias, Field Day has become a favorite of students and staff alike, who enjoy multiple activities including a dunk tank, bounce house, volleyball, balloon toss and face painting.  Part of the fun also includes enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch at the KFC pavilion, expertly prepared by the Raymond Hill School Food-Service staff.

Although Field Day is organized internally by Desiree and Bill, they would surely concur that a successful day is dependent on at least three things: their planning/preparation, good weather and the annual participation of a wonderful group of volunteers from Voya Financial [formerly ING Corp.]  For several years, Jim Sklenka of Voya has been organizing a group of approximately 25 volunteers who spend the day at KFC specifically for the purpose of making Field Day a success.  We remain deeply grateful to these wonderful volunteers for their commitment to reaching out to the students at Raymond Hill School and for making Field Day a success once again!