Deeply Rooted, Growing Strong


If you are at all familiar with Klingberg Family Centers, you have probably seen our logo many times. Introduced in 2002, the sturdy tree with its colorful fruit replaced a logo that dated from 1977 and featured what appear to be not-so-distant relatives of Gumby. The clean design of the current logo has aged well over the last 13 years, but what you might not realize is that the tree represents the mission and programs of Klingberg just as much as did the illustrated family in its predecessor.

Let’s start with the arch that rises over the top of the tree. This represents our mission and beliefs. The belief that every child is precious and deserving of a safe, caring home and the mission to build healing relationships that empower children and families to reach their full potential arch over everything we do.

At the base of the tree are the roots, symbolizing our rich heritage of helping children since 1903. From the roots grows the trunk, which supports our many branches. This support comes from our trustees, staff, donors, and volunteers. The branches symbolize our programs, through which we reach out to thousands of children and families each year.

Finally, the tree in our logo bears fruit to represent the fruit of our work. Examples of this fruit can be found in the young man who visited last month to tell us what a difference his time here made in his life; the recent graduates of the Positive Parenting Program, reunited with their children; and the students returning to public school after benefiting from their time at Raymond Hill School.

As a reader of Klingberg News, you are more than likely represented in this tree, whether you are a staff member, former client, Children’s Home alumnus or relative, donor, or auto show volunteer. It is because of you that we can say, as our newsletter did when the new logo was introduced, that we are “deeply rooted, growing strong.” Thank you!