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Dr. Girelli Featured by The Pita Group

Our friends at The Pita Group recently featured Dr. Steven Girelli, President/CEO of Klingberg Family Centers, in their “In the Pocket” video series. You can view the video below.

Agency Transitions Recordkeeping

Since 2008, Klingberg Family Centers has used the Harmony database system for client case management and tracking. Beginning November 2nd, a new system will be in place, called Credible. While Harmony has done its job over the last seven years, Credible is a more up-to-date system for the needs of the agency and provides better… Read more »

Outpatient Clinic Partners with School

Klingberg Family Centers is pleased to announce that the Outpatient Clinic and Family Therapy Institute has officially begun a partnership with the Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan School (ELAMS) in Hartford. We will be providing outpatient therapy services on site at the school, similar to our existing programs at Northend Elementary and Chamberlain Elementary in… Read more »

Klingberg Hosts DCF Region 6 Retreat

On September 1st, Klingberg Family Centers hosted all DCF Region 6 management staff for the Reconnecting to Wellness Retreat. There were 46 in attendance, including social work supervisors, program managers, clinical support managers, office directors, and Regional Administrator Tina Jefferson. The Reconnecting to Wellness Retreat was a full-day retreat for all levels of management from… Read more »

Artist Transforms Maritime Room

The Maritime room at Raymond Hill School is a unique space, filled with calming water, fish, and even a therapeutic rabbit. Over the summer the room got a facelift thanks to the Maritime teacher, Eric Serrano, and a friend of his from high school, James D’Amore. Familiar with James’ artistic talent, Eric reached out to… Read more »

Back to School

Raymond Hill School will begin the new school year on Monday with several new and exciting elements to improve the educational services we offer to our surrounding towns and cities. The new features meet a variety of needs from physical to educational, allowing us to continue to provide the best education for our students. A… Read more »

Affinity Programs

Did you know that you can help Klingberg Family Centers financially without writing us a check? AmazonSmile and TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program are two ways of doing this. At AmazonSmile you can log into your Amazon account and choose an organization to link with your account. After that, anytime you want to make a… Read more »

Deeply Rooted, Growing Strong

If you are at all familiar with Klingberg Family Centers, you have probably seen our logo many times. Introduced in 2002, the sturdy tree with its colorful fruit replaced a logo that dated from 1977 and featured what appear to be not-so-distant relatives of Gumby. The clean design of the current logo has aged well… Read more »

Group Home Visits Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a popular spot for vacations and school trips due to its historical importance, unique culture, and unmistakable landmarks. Staff and residents of the Phoenix House Group Home in Terryville, CT, recently ventured to Washington, D.C., in search of education, relaxation, and a little adventure! Child Development Specialist Jen Huston and Supervisor Christina… Read more »

Foster Parents Learn Therapeutic Techniques

One recent evening, a couple sat in Klingberg’s Phillip Corbin room for a foster parent training while their four grandchildren played downstairs, supervised by Klingberg staff. At one point, they were distracted by their grandson tapping on the door. When he tapped again, harder, clearly aggravated, they went to investigate. Returning a few minutes later,… Read more »