Back to School

RHS sign 082715Raymond Hill School will begin the new school year on Monday with several new and exciting elements to improve the educational services we offer to our surrounding towns and cities. The new features meet a variety of needs from physical to educational, allowing us to continue to provide the best education for our students.

A space within the school is being transformed to create a sensory-focused play space where occupational therapy and structured and free play can occur without leaving the building. This will be especially helpful during the long winter months!

We are also introducing a new Intensive Support Program, designed to meet the individual educational and sensory needs of students needing extra support. This program is staffed with a full-time Special Education Teacher and a Student Support Specialist, with clinical staff and occupational therapy staff available as needed.

During the last school year we added a Student Resource Officer, and we are looking forward to having an officer in the school again this year. The police presence has helped to give both students and staff a sense of security and promoted relationships between police officers and our students.

Finally, the purchase of Chromebooks for all of our students will keep the classrooms up to date and broaden our use of technology in the learning process.

School staff has been busy this week preparing for the start of the school year. We’re all excited for the return of students on Monday and to see lives changed throughout the year!