Auto Shop: Not Just for Boys

Auto Restoration pinkMany people assume that only boys are interested in the Auto Restoration Program. However, this is not the case: several girls have been joining in the learning recently. Last semester there were six girls involved in the class; currently there are four (three repeats, one new). Each of these girls is genuinely interested in automobiles and eager to learn.

Caitlin* is a senior, and in her third year in the Auto Restoration Program. She is enthusiastic about cars and especially enjoys detailing them. She often helps with the cleaning and maintenance of the Raymond Hill School vans, and her teachers praise her work on their personal vehicles. Caitlin is also able to work a few hours a week at Story Brothers Auto Repair through the Raymond Hill School’s vocational education program, and she enjoys the independence of earning her own spending money.

The Auto Restoration Program allows these girls to learn a marketable skill, as it does for the boys, but it also gives girls an added measure of confidence and independence as they gain expertise that many of their peers lack. The ability to maintain their own vehicles will serve them well throughout their lives, whether or not they choose to make a career out of it.


*Name changed