Artist Transforms Maritime Room

JDArt maritime muralMaritime mural 4The Maritime room at Raymond Hill School is a unique space, filled with calming water, fish, and even a therapeutic rabbit. Over the summer the room got a facelift thanks to the Maritime teacher, Eric Serrano, and a friend of his from high school, James D’Amore. Familiar with James’ artistic talent, Eric reached out to him with an idea to paint the wall surrounding the fish tanks. James was eager for the chance to do something for our kids while exercising his passion for art, and worked around a full-time job to paint this beautiful mural over the summer, donating his time and talents. The detail and colors he put into this work are incredible!


Thank you, James, for helping us to provide our students with a beautiful environment in which to learn. We are so thankful to have friends like you!

To see more of James D’Amore’s art, visit mural cropped