Agency Transitions Recordkeeping

CredibleSince 2008, Klingberg Family Centers has used the Harmony database system for client case management and tracking. Beginning November 2nd, a new system will be in place, called Credible.

While Harmony has done its job over the last seven years, Credible is a more up-to-date system for the needs of the agency and provides better versatility to serve our many programs. In addition, Credible has billing capabilities, so we will no longer need an additional database to handle the financials. Credible also provides the opportunity for a client portal if desired, something that may be useful for our Outpatient Clinic.

Marci Marciniec, EHR Manager, and the rest of the committee formed to implement Credible have been working very hard on the transition for nearly nine months. The learning of a new system and developing the processes necessary for agency-wide implementation are an enormous undertaking. We are grateful for the dedication of our staff to making sure that important client information is tracked well, ensuring our effectiveness as an agency.