Respite Care

Respite Care

Raising a special needs child is hard, emotionally draining work. This program gives parents/caregivers and families of such children a welcome relief.

The people we serve:

Parents/caregivers of children with serious emotional or behavior disturbances (SED).

Children with SED.

How the program works:

Referrals accepted for non-DCF involved families with children 4-17. Priority is given to families involved in Care Coordination.

The program matches children with serious emotional or behavioral disturbances with a caring adult worker with special training in behavior management.

Workers engage children in pro-social individual and community activities, reinforce positive social skills, and foster relationship-building.

Parents/caregivers get a break from providing constant, intensive supervision and care for their child.

Children receive 45 hours of service over the course of 12 weeks (approximately 4 hour per week)

Services are scheduled based on family needs.

For more information:

Contact Rebekah Behan, Youth Service Coordinator at (860) 515-2374 or by e-mail at