Family Enrichment Services (FES)

This service provides a range of in-home teaching, modeling and support services to parents in order to enhance parenting competencies and to improve the parents’ overall functioning and ability to care for their children.

The people we serve:

The FES program serves parents or adults who are the primary or secondary caregiver of the children in cases that are active with the Department of Children and Families.  All referrals come from the Department of Children and Families.

How the program works:

Services focus on family strengths.

Meetings are held in the families’ homes or in the community for two hours weekly and up to four months.

The FES Specialist will maintain flexible schedules that are convenient to the caregivers and include early evening hours.

Service delivery is family-focused and culturally competent.

The FES Specialist can focus on a variety of areas such as:

  • discipline and structure based on reasonable expectations for the child’s age and developmental level
  • increasing and enhancing bonding and attachment
  • how to identify and prioritize family needs plus budgeting
  • navigating and utilizing community resources
  • arranging for appropriate substitute caretakers
  • developing coping mechanisms to handle crises
  • assistance with navigating the public transportation system or other transportation needs
  • providing information and linking family to traditional and non-traditional support systems in the community

For more information, contact:

Kathy Service, MSW, Family Service Coordinator
(860) 243-4416  ext. 243

Dee Chalwell, Family Enrichment Service Supervisor
(860) 243-4416  ext. 222