Foster Care & Adoption, Connecticut

           Foster Care & Adoption, Connecticut

Every child deserves a home.  Nearly 4,000 children in Connecticut are in need of short-term, long-term, and adoptive homes.  Have you ever considered becoming a foster or adoptive parent? 


Klingberg Foster and Adoptive Families provide homes for children and youth:

·      Between the ages of 8 to 18 years old of various races and cultural backgrounds

·      Who have been removed from the care of their birth families for various reasons and are currently living in respite homes, shelters, group homes, or treatment facilities

·      Have experienced and survived abuse, trauma and loss

·      Who need and want a nurturing environment to help them heal and grow

Our Foster and Adoptive Families are:

                ·     caring adults (21 years old or older) who are financially       stable, have flexibility in their work schedule and can commit to a child in need

·      willing to be part of the treatment team


·      able to complete the licensing process which includes background checks, home visits, and training


Getting Started: 


·      Interested families may attend a scheduled Open House or contact the Recruitment Specialist for more information. 


·      Foster and Adoptive families begin the licensing process by submitting an application and providing medical, financial, and background histories.  All household members are included in the assessment process. 


·      Prospective foster and adoptive parents attend the PRIDE training program through Klingberg Family Centers.  This training will prepare foster and adoptive families to care for the children placed in their homes.  


·      From the matching of a child to your home and throughout the placement, Klingberg staff provides ongoing support and education. 


 Making foster and adoptive placements successful for our children and families is our first priority.

For more information about foster care and adoption, please contact:

Christine Keys, MSW, Director, 860 832-5532 


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